Wang Feng appeared for the first time after his divorce, with a serious face and a poor mood, attracting attention!

Wang Feng’s first appearance since his divorce was met with a serious expression and an uncertain outlook. Media reports indicate that he only spoke with the staff for two or three minutes during the entire process, even though three members of staff were present when relocating from the recording studio.

Wang Feng’s flat-chested appearance under the camera was accompanied by tight pants and a long black coat. He did not engage in too much communication with the staff during the journey of several tens of meters, but instead made movements with both hands before entering the nanny car.

Following Wang Feng’s divorce, a lot of internet viewers were questioning the actual reason behind their split. Even though there are reports that the breakup was not harmful, many people still doubt the accuracy of this information. According to some media sources, Zhang Ziyi was seen in ten-storey shopping in Beijing, and her expression appeared calm as if she had not been affected by the divorce.

The reasons for divorce between Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi are a matter of debate. It is believed that the man is not to blame, but the actual cause is unknown. We want them to ensure that their divorce does not harm the child.

Celebrities, being in the public eye, require three meals a day and basic necessities to function properly. Their eight-year marriage has come to an end, and the situation must not be petty. Regardless of the reason for divorce, we hope that they can minimize the impact of divorce on their children and raise them well.

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