Seventeen sends fans into the frenzy with ‘God Of Music’ challenges with SHINee’s Taemin and TXT’s Yeonjun back-to-back

Seventeen sparked a buzz among fans with back-to-back ‘God Of Music’ challenges featuring Taemin from SHINee and Yeonjun from TXT.

Seventeen’s new dance challenge video, featuring SHINee’S Taemin and Hoshi, was released on October 28th. In the video above, viewers were introduced to their close bond and friendship.

“It’s like they got to know each other better after ‘Hard,’ lol,” “Hoshi looks so happy in here ahaha,” and “Both are excellent.”

The group re-entered the dance challenge video game 2 hours later, this time with TXT member Yeonjun (seen below) Hoshi and Dino of Seventeen, who show off their moves with YeONjun.

Fans remarked that Yeonjun is proficient in all dance challenges, complimented the three finest dancers, and expressed their desire for their friendship.

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