Netizens say Taeyang is the only reputable member of Big Bang

The Netizens are of the opinion that Taeyang is the sole trustworthy member of Big Bang.

In an interview with Vogue Korea on October 27, Taeyang revealed that he works out 3 to 4 times a week, sometimes 5 times weekly, and incorporates jogging for walks in the morning and evening. He also mentioned that his current workout routine is more focused on feeling good inside now, which explains his newfound confidence.

In response to a question about how stress can be alleviated by walking outdoors, Taeyang revealed that he prefers to look at the changing sky and landscape for inspiration. He also mentioned his recent joy of spending time with his family and performing in front of his fans after the pandemic.

At the end of the interview, he stressed the importance of enjoying the process and doing what you enjoy for an extended period.

After the interview was posted, netizens commented that Taeyang is the only credible member of Big Bang.

He is the only member in the group without any major controversy, which I think is a good thing because every other member has been charged or arrested.”

“Taeyang was nicknamed wet blanket by Seungri and G-Dragon because he wouldn’t get too wild like them.”

I remember their messages to Taeyang. Remember Seungri who said “You are a very good person, but I fear you will get into trouble at some point in your life.” He continued by saying that it’s important to relieve stress and let go of any worries.

“To be honest, the standard is very low. I don’t want to congratulate anyone for not having a disagreement.”

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