Ma Di accompanied Li Chun in pursuit of Zhang Huimei, and the scene was sweet and affectionate. The man was in a hurry to buy a house, but it was speculated that a good thing was about to happen

On October 29th, a number of netizens shared footage of themselves meeting Li Chun and Ma Di at Zhang Huimei’s concert. Some also posted photos with Ma di and attached articles extolling Li Chin for his good skin tone and small face. They also mentioned that they were in love and held hands.

Ma Di was first introduced to Netizens and while posing for photos with female fans, she raised her lips slightly and scored perfectly affinity. At the concert, Ma di looked much thinner and in good shape than before. I remember during a performance with Wu Kequn, who also commented on Ma D’oro: “It’s great to be in love,” and happiness cannot be hidden.

Another time, Netizens posted a picture of themselves (Li Chun with her brother Ma) alongside Li ChuN: Li Lucy at the concert was wearing all white jacket and ‘gorgeous girly clothes’ Passersby looked at their photo and said: ‘Mum is one year younger than me but with my sister Ma Di she looks younger like me.

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