Han So Hee removes all of her facial piercings after having received mixed public opinions

All of Han So Hee’s facial piercings have been removed, as revealed by the actress.

On October 28 KST, the actress shared a lengthy blog post about her recent experience, including having undergone surgery for enlarged septums, starting boxing, and spending time with her grandmother. She also revealed that she had removed all of her piercings on her lip and felt relieved because of it.

The piercings were met with mixed reactions from earlier posts by other netizens. Some people expressed concerns that the alterations could restrict her roles or hinder her acting career, particularly due to her previous removal of large tattoos on her neck and arms, while others believed that her image was more suitable for the type of ringing they used and that she should be able to express herself as an adult.

Han So Hee made headlines last month by sharing pictures of her facial piercings. She explained that she decided to remove them when it was convenient for her, saying, “I didn’t have them because I didn’t until I had my next project where I would like to add character.”

She mentioned that she was worried about piercing scars, but the fact that they can be removed through alternative methods does not pose any risk.

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