G-Dragon’s legal fees for recent drug allegation case estimated to reach up to 2 billion KRW (approx. US$1.5m)

The K-Pop group Big Bang member, G-Dragon, is currently in the news for denying drug charges. This sudden change of heart has captured the interest of both fans and the general public, who are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this legal dispute.

G-Dragon’s decision to hire a top-tier law firm, led by formerly retired Constitutional Court judge who now handles defense cases, is the most notable aspect of this case. This decision highlights the importance of working with reputable lawyers in handling complex cases. The estimated fee for the legal expert falls within the range of 500 million to 2 billion KRW (about US$370k to $2m), depending on the nature of the case and potential impact on investor protection.

Upon hearing the allegations, G-Dragon responded with incredulity. According to sources close to him, he denied any involvement with law enforcement and expressed dissatisfaction. It’s important to note that the travel ban enforced against him is a procedural requirement rather than an admission of guilt. While this does not definitively prove his innocence, it underscores the need for judicial inquiry to be comprehensive and impartial.

This controversy is a result of an Incheon Provincial Police Agency investigation into alleged violations of drug control laws against G-Dragon and actor Lee Sun Gyun.This probe comes more than ten years after G–Dargon first came to light under various legal issues, including marijuana use at… A Japanese club in 2011.

G-Dragon’s legal representative released a statement in which he categorically denied any drug activity and disassociated himself from the current allegations. He also confirmed that the media did not support the case, emphasizing his willingness to cooperate with the investigative team.

As the investigation advances, legal professionals are closely monitoring the situation. According to Yang Ji Min, an attorney interviewed by YTN’s News Wide, G-Dragon maintains a closed door, but his involvement in the case provides valuable information. She emphasizes that Gisteria may be reluctant to accept responsibility for any questionable decisions, and that decision-making could be complicated if drugs are discovered.

Despite the serious drug allegations, G-Dragon’s future remains uncertain as his fans and the public continue to rally behind him. His decision to retain a lawyer is aimed at shielding himself from potential legal consequences.

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