Fan Review: Black Humor, Absurd Irony

The movie “Second Hand Masterpiece” was released on October 27th, and it was watched by Beijing members. The fan review has 34 users and a score of 8.88 points. It is an absurd story about my son who died and his father became red. My son later committed suicide after falling from he building, while my father wrote fanciful suicide letters for him that made him famous overnight. Ma Yinbo (played by Yu Hewei) is one of the characters in this film.

The score earned by Pisces Katrina is 8 points.

Those who have been reading spoilers on their way home from watching the movie yesterday are in for some discomfort. A somewhat pathological thief/filmmaker accidentally fell off a building, covering up the truth and becoming bullied/bullied/killed. Ma Yinbo’s posthumous letter written for his son became famous as he reached the height of his career with outstanding literary talent. He lost himself by publishing, interviewing, and receiving awards, but her sudden awakening led to its tragic end.

@Coolcakemargin received 9 points.

The movie is indeed a product of the Bad Monkey. Commercial movies are highly captivating, but their initial setting and contrast in personality resulted in many cringe-worthy jests. However, as the story develops, the Chinese language teacher played by Yu Hewei becomes more and more absurd to mask the fact that his son had fallen from ten meters and eventually became increasingly violent and uncontrollable.

@Ari aims to earn 6 points by being an engaging individual.

The film is an absurd comedy that embodies the idea of tragedy as the fundamental element. It begins at the Ma Yinbo Auditorium with Ma Mo’s posthumous note, gradually becoming more flat. The laughter points in the movie are not dense, but each one is a touching satire on social phenomena and thought-provoking. Xu Sisi, who doesn’t care about others’ real thoughts and only wants to impose his own wishes on them, the security apparatus, and sorceresses for everyone while all too simple than to do whatever it

For 10 points, I am willing to give Pi Daxing a hug.

His tale starts off with a lighthearted tone, but gradually becomes increasingly ironic and satirical. It’s brimming with thoughts about the bad monkey’ life, much like watching youth rise up in tv shows. Isn’t it similar to how young people seek recognition? When laughter and cursing become articles, adding insults to the joke makes everything seem more reasonable.

The @Flower Flower Evolution Theory is 8-points strong.

Usually, I evaluate films by looking at a poster before accepting the offer. My initial instinct was to choose Guo Qilin as the lead character, but Teacher Yu Hewei agreed. However, the movie ended up being an unexpected triumph in terms of comedic genius. The story is filled with genuine absurdity and black humor, and the innocent internet slang of female classmates represents the netizens who are always sobbing. We constantly have such small children that we refuse to be treated like this.

What is the meaning of @violet44987 9fen?

The movie was a surprise release due to the combination of Yu Hewei and Guo Qilin. The title also caught my attention, making it incredibly exciting. It tackles some unreasonable social situations with ridiculous plotlines. Teacher Ma’s dream of writing runs through everything, and even Ma Mo seems like he has not been given proper treatment. However, there are still some unevenly executed plots.

It’s made up of a small sail and 10 fen.

It is a surprising plot. The father, who believes he has talent and writing skills, accidentally took his son’s name and became angry without warning.

@Lala Lala Oh, oh, blowing 10 points with excitement.

The title is intriguing and avoids spoiling the plot. It’s a fitting conclusion, even though I initially doubted its appeal. The entire thing is implicitly amusing and sensual, reflecting the current state of affairs with fake books, eco-friendly clothing, packaging, marketing, bullying, cyberbullying, and other misogynistic elements.

@Who ostensibly rewards your behavior with 10 points?

The movie is a refreshingly absurd take on fucky and dreamy guy, with witty dialogue and realistic portrayals of characters. It’s reminiscent of the past but with added authenticity to it. I enjoy the plot twists that carry us back and forth, and the security personnel are by far the most memorable. For some reason, they may not be so funny… Ni Hongjie is simply beautiful!

Despite its quiet and frightening nature, it earns me 10 points.

My first experience watching the movie “Second Hand Masterpiece” was unforgettable. The film portrays a tragic incident where an innocent child, Ma Mo, falls from cliffside and takes his own life. While his father wrote he suicide letter to keep quiet about what happened in the story, it spread rapidly. Teacher Ma used his son’s name as stepping into literary circles and continued to publish books, give speeches, and give awards, all of which can be found on Wikipedia.


Prior to the movie, I had high expectations of Dalinzi and Teacher Yu Hewei. However, when I watched it, my emotions were shattered and the story became more realistic due to its combination of elements such as an underdeveloped literary father, a son in his youth, and parents who love each other? The film’s central themes are all about family, not just about society, but also about software and traffic.

@Doraemon, who has a fondness for chicken legs, receives 10 points.

A film that is incredibly unexpected and full of black comedy, inspired by the lifelong dream of a man who was once unsuccessful and lost his battle, as well as other inscrutable social phenomena.

The score of 18 for Dugu Purple was impressive.

The film is a perfect representation of black humor, with satirical elements that inject the audience with laughter. However, the occasional light-hearted moment makes it difficult for the male protagonist to grasp his true potential. Can he succeed in meeting Bole instead of lying to others and self-destructing? Despite all things going our way, we can only obey destiny without feeling guilty!

Arran scored 10 points.

I won’t be able to watch this movie any longer. It’s so touching and it makes me want to cry. The black comedy in the movie is also like a gust of wind, rushing into my heartstrings. After reading it, I have been struggling with whether to pursue hot topics or what our dreams should look like.

A 9-point rating is appropriate for an elderly person who struggles with naming.

It is an absurd, dark and funny film whose story starts with the son jumping off a building to become famous, followed by the father writing ‘to fulfill his dream’ (here are spoilers for “The Man on Red Wing,” above) and the class on the roof of that building, where everything happens in-between.Sci-facilding details always reflect real life, filled with satire.The late stage rhythm throughout this whole movie feels compact, depicting Ma Yinbo’s ups downs from his journey through.

A 9-point score was given to the lonely and hushed person.

Over the last three months, I have watched my favorite comedy film. It’s incredibly insightful and humorous about contemporary issues, which makes me feel even more deeply. Da Linzi is a standout from the movie, as is the background music that explores the Qingshui River. The sublimation of the final paragraph, with Mao Buyi’S song, is too much for an audience to ignore.

A score of 9 points is given to @Straight to the soul essence.

Through a unique lens and with fervor, this film portrays the complexity and emotional connection of life, making it an opportunity to witness the joys and sorrows of everyday life. The movie’s plot is absurd, telling narrated, and conveyed not only the story of “my son dies” but also the sense of both love and tragedy.

8 points can be earned by attending the Tranquil Hot Springs event in 2010.

My understanding is that this movie portrays a relationship between pampered parent and son, but it’d be mistaken. The film’s plot revolves around the father’S awareness and his desire to reconcile with his own family members; during the initial half of the movie, my son secretly shoots the girl he likes, which causes some viewers to become offended. I have just finished watching it for half an hour, and I don’t know what they are trying to convey.

@Xiaoxin’s Light and Shadow Memory score was 8!

The black humor style, the soundtrack, and the color scheme are all impressive! Throughout the movie, “golden sentences” were frequently used, thought-provoking, or educational. It was not as I had anticipated it to be, but everyone knew it at the end (watch the colorful eggs). Teacher Yu Hewei displayed a unique charm and still acting skills, as well as some old actors who were pleasantly surprised to come on stage…The song that Mao Buyi sang once more added points to the overall storyline.

Cousin scored a 10-point lead over Brother Bo.

This is a second-hand masterpiece that is generally considered ‘comedy’ and primarily black, although there is some critical realism in the humor as well as many details. Although the subtitles appear in this story, it is fictional. The movie ends with an adaptation from narrated literature, and the screenwriter’s talent remains intact. From certain aspects, the director has replicated it, while Director Xiaogang’ early works such as “Party A and Party B” were inspired by Wujang Zhaochenchen during this film.

10 points has been earned by Sianrxu.

The heartache of comedy is felt. It’s not a comedic device that only lifts the spirits, but if someone takes the time to “take the Tsinghua and Peking University entrance exam,” they will be all smiles. Ironically, the book includes the term “suicide” as an embellishment, which creates distinct labels for the author and increases his marketability; when you leave the fame without controversy, this phrase remains undone, and the fact that it was “returning is still an example of teen-ager in society.”

8 points has been awarded to Chaoyang Qunzhong Buddhist Disciple.

This satirical comedy is possibly the best I’ve seen in recent years. It’s not as if Douban was destroyed by him, but with only one sentence, he understood his character. Additionally, I have picked fans like Feng Xiaogang to pay homage to him. In truth, the movie highlights a vanity and Teacher Yu Hewei himself has not done anything illegal.

The score of 7 points was earned during the game of Mero 1988.

The most memorable scene is the slow motion footage of Ma Yinbo’s final fall from a building, mixed with doubts and desperate eyes. For someone like me, it resonates with destiny and demonstrates how tragedy can be found in comedy. Ma Yangnos lies in his own vanity, which is an extreme expression of long-term frustration and desire for recognition.

Li Li Xia Zeq: 10 points @Ali Li LIU Zi?

The movie was initially perceived as a simple comedy, but it became known as black humor. The film’s black jokes were well-received and ultimately felt authentic. This type of humor is both relaxed and slightly ironic, providing an opportunity to witness the absurdity and despair of life through laughter. Additionally, there are several transition soundtracks that complement the plot, allowing the audience to appreciate the cinematic experience more fully.

7 points for @Kissing Little Ollie.

The absurdity of tragedy, the incompetence of middle-aged individuals in their careers and children’s marriages, and the distorted and sentimental nature of literature and art, with traffic and themes that outstrip the works, are all examples of how Jessica handled the call from home. She didn’t anticipate that phone calls from other places would be the final blow that crushed her, but it was something she experienced deeply.

Yian Sijin scored 8 points.

The humor in this writing is grey, absurd, and tragic. It didn’t matter whether you were writing it or not, as it became a commercial success after publishing under my son’s name for three decades. Ironically, I used to tell people that they wanted to justify their desires but also sought financial gain from listing and discussing new books. The scene where the protagonist talks about his relationship with Mary Sue on the roof is one of those scenes; too convincing.

A total of 8 points can be awarded to Googoodolls Stupid.

The laughter in this film is not genuine, but rather a knowing smile that suddenly turns unexpected.

The score of @Zonglianzi Zhang Xiaoyi is 8 points.

The movie is both humorous and ironic, with jokes all over the place. It capitalizes on a cowardly middle-aged teacher’s absurd story of becoming famous through his son, while also mocking the hype in the book industry and using unscrupulous marketing tactics. Although this comedy has nuances of joy and sorrow, it ultimately blends them. This is not intended to be “joyful” for the sake of comedic effect. The weight is unintentionally lifted as the plot develops.

The @Vilde Small Circle has a score of 9 points.

The content of this non-reductive work is highly significant, with a gradual and well-defined flow. Teacher Yu Hewei is an excellent actor. The ups and downs are vividly depicted, as is the confrontation with Teacher Ni Hongjie. It is also more immersive, and one cannot say much. Furthermore, Teacher Guo Qilin’s “The Crowd of Life” retelling is particularly amusing.

Repeatedly accumulating 10 points.

The criteria for movies that meet certain standards vary from person to person. I have two distinct criteria when it comes to comedy films: whether humor is grounded in real-life reasoning and whether there are any thought-provoking truths within the film.

Yi Zhi’s actions resulted in a 10-point increase in his power over the Third Master.

Honestly, this is the best movie I’ve ever watched. The plot is very simple and rational with plenty of laughs and tears to watch in particular areas which Yu Hewei has created that gives an impression of an intellectual who loves literature and writes but never achieves great things! And the natural changes in emotions are especially noticeable when Ma Yinbo finally managed to convince her daughter Suuda to take her own life (which she did).

The slimness of @Ashen has decreased by 10 points.

“Second hand Masterpiece” premiered on October 27th. The opening beat was sluggish, beginning with an exciting scene where Ma Mo is accidentally dropped from a building. Following that, the line “ridiculous, pathetic, and absurd, I don’t recognize this world” depicts the transformation of Ma Yinbo into he mastermindedly fell down to earth after being suppressed in forbearance.

8 points for @Never having genuine feelings in 01.

The film is incredibly funny and has a dense plot. Yu Hewei’s performance in the fight with Ni Hongjie is outstanding, and his acting skills are excellent. His body language, gestures, emotions, lines, eye movements, etc., yet still emphasizes the importance of perception. It’ll turn out that dreams are not important subjects for which we should care.

Catch me three times and I’ll earn nine and nine points.

I believe that the movie has a unique theme, with teacher Yu Hewei’s performance creating an intense sense of immersion, and the experience is also very supportive.

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