All four major female celebrities have returned to single status, with strong women and weak men being the surface and core

After seven years of marriage, Wang Feng finally gained his own hot pursuit after Zhang Ziyi and him announced their separation.

Wang Feng’s daily routine of obtaining four divorce certificates led many to express their lack of emotion when contemplating the dissolution of their marriage.

The announcement was made that all the female artists who were chosen by Nandu Entertainment Weekly as the first generation four little flower actresses and naturally advanced to the top four flower actors, have returned to singles, accompanied by Zhang Ziyi’s divorce.

All of the individuals, except for Xu Jinglei, who has never married before, have divorced, including Zhou xu, Zhang Ziyi, and Huan Zhuge, whose names cannot be used to identify them at present.

It is true that these four playwrights were born in an age of perpetual battles. They require physical beauty, power, and accolades to succeed. Consequently, when other events occur in their romantic life, people will blame the strength of women and the weakness of men for this issue.

Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng, as well as Zhou Xun and Gao Shengyuan, who are both male actors but not part of the acting industry, appear to be strong women and weak men at their core.

The initial partnership in one’s professional life is a hindrance.

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