AKMU’s ‘Love Lee’ sets record for longest #1 hit on MelOn’s Daily Singles chart in 2023 thus far

MelOn’s Daily chart has been topped by AKMU!

The lead single off of the duo’s fourth single album, “Love Lee” topped the MelOn daily chart as reported by YG Entertainment on October 29 KST. As the single first hit #1 on September 5, it has held the top spot for an impressive 53 days. This is the longest record among songs released this year.

The MelOn Weekly chart has consistently topped “Love Lee” for seven weeks in a row, and it remains at the top of the MelON Top 100.

“Love Lee” debuted on August 21 and has since attained a Perfect All-Kill in South Korea, topping the major music charts. It also reached the top of the Circle chart in both digital and streaming formats in September, and the B-side song “Fry’s Dream” is among the album’ many hits.

AKMU is set to begin their national tour ‘AKMTOPIA’ on November 24, marking their first return in four years.

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