After Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi divorced, the melon at the proposal scene was dug out and the two families smashed it at each other

A lot of people in the netherlands are surprised and saddened by this fact. After all, this celebrity couple was once a model couple in Hollywood, but now they have made it to this level.

Back in the day when divorce news was spreading, many netizens started looking for pictures of their proposal scene. Wang Feng proposed to her ex-husband Zhang Ziyi, kneeling down and kissing her softly, both wearing glasses that were covered in tears. This scene was once spread as a fairy tale and became the source of envy among fans.

However, there are some hidden details behind the photos. Some internet users have disclosed that Zhang Ziyi’s brother and sister-in-law smashed it, causing the two families to become bitter against each other. This news immediately generated widespread interest.

Netizens reported that Zhang Ziyi’s brother and sister-in-law were extremely dissatisfied with his proposal behavior at the time, believing that he was not deserving of his sister. They caused an awkward situation by smashing it on site, which also affected the marriage between Wang Feng and Zhang Zhua.

Many people on the internet were surprised and confused by this news, believing that even if there are differences between family members, it should not be considered awkward. After all, this is the personal matter of Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi’s family.

The recent divorce between Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi has left many netizens regretting their decision. They believe that despite the twists in their marriage, it still cannot resolve issues or maintain positive relationships.

During this divorce event, we were also exposed to a similar scenario in the entertainment world. Although famous couples are often overlooked, their true story is often blurred and unresolved, contributing to the complexity of their relationship.

It is important to remember that marriages in the entertainment industry are not always secure, as there are many loving couples who have experienced heartbreak and support. Therefore, it is not an easy task; one must work hard and maintain a strong bond with both partners.

Family members are a vital component of marriage, as evidenced by the divorce incident. Although they may provide guidance and support to couples, their views can also have an impact on their relationship. Therefore, it is important to manage family relationships appropriately in order for marriage to succeed.

The divorce of Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi is a clear illustration of the intricate nature of marriage in the entertainment industry. It is challenging to maintain fidelity in this industry due to the temptations and pressure placed on couples. I wish celebrity couples could demonstrate greater appreciation for each other’s emotions, their familial connections, and their ability to lead fulfilling lives without negative influences.

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