YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho claims that actress Jeon Hye Jin almost fainted after hearing about her husband’s drug allegations

Presently, prominent actor Lee Sun Gyun is under scrutiny from the judiciary, as investigations into his drug use continue. Moreover, public attention has also shifted to the responses of his wife, Jeon Hye Jin, regarding her apparent scandalous behavior. A video was posted on Lee Jin Ho’s YouTube channel on October 26, which provided what appears to be some insight. The clip contains a provocative response by South Korean actress and North Korean comedian Jeong Jin-jung Jung, known as ‘Shocking Exclusive!’ and features an interview that has been subjectage caused controversy.

Alarmingly, the woman friend managed to extort a large sum of 350 million KRW (257,915.56 USD) from Lee Sun Gyun through blackmail. According to Lee Jin Ho, “Lee Sun still denies any drug use and may be cleared by the police… But the moral dilemma” could be more serious due to his habit of engaging in private meetings. This would make him undoubtedly subject himself to moral judgment.

Lee Sun Gyun and Jeon Hye Jin got married in May 2009 after seven years of being together, as Lee Jin Ho wrote about their romantic relationship. They both fell in love with each other and eventually became members of the same theatre group.

According to Lee Jin Ho, Jeon Hye Jin was initially taken aback and scared by the events that took place. She also expressed her concern about the impact of Lee Sun Gyun’s actions on other individuals in their agency and family.

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