The Idols Who Are The Most Irreplaceable To Their Group

Despite the fact that all members are pivotal to their group’s success, there is often one standout member who could be overlooked, leaving the rest of the group with an incomplete result. This is like a recipe for missing the essential ingredients.

The following is a roster of members who are widely regarded as essential to their groups by fans.

ITZY – Ryujin.

Ryujin Shin’s “ITZY” style is evident in her statement, and ITZY won’t be without her. Her coolness and vibe make her the center of attention for the group.

Wendy’s Red Velvet is available in a variety.

The absence of Wendy in Red Velvet suggests that it lacks the flour component of the cake ingredient. Wendy’s vocal abilities are so important that they cannot be replaced.

ATEEZ – Jongho

Without Jongho’s powerful vocals and his ability to execute the challenging notes, ATEEZ wouldn’t sound as good.

Monstasia X – Joohoney.

His rap prowess is unparalleled, and he truly represents the sound of the band. However, Joohoney’s presence in the group sets it apart from others due to its high level of tension.

NMIXX – Lily.

The group’s sound, voice, and vibe are greatly influenced by Lily. Without her, NMIXX would not be the same.

Can you provide some examples?

The name given to Yunjin is Le Serafim.

Your exceptional singing skills, writing abilities, and ability to speak a language other than Korean make you an indispensable member!

Session 16 – Woozi

The Seventeen’s entire career and discography are heavily influenced by this exceptional individual. Without him, the thought of being all alone is a nightmare.

NCT – Mark

Mark Lee’s presence in various groups is a unique aspect of the group, and SM Entertainment understands this.

The Stray Kids have a son named Felix.

The sound of SKZ is embodied by all eight members, but the absence of their deep-voiced Felix would leave untapped territory that even non-fans could appreciate.

Yeonjun (TXT):.

What is the future of K-Pop with its 4th Generation IT boy carrying the industry’s sexiness, dance moves, and star gaze?

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