Quan Zhilong denies rumors of drug use: will actively cooperate with the investigation agency to investigate

On October 27th, Lawyer Quan Zhilong released a statement refuting reports of drug use: “First of all, I am not using drugs. Second of course, it is not related to the recent media coverage of ‘violations of medication management laws’.” He declared that he would work closely with the investigation officials and be more candid with them.

The Chairman of South Korean Television and Communications revealed on the 26th, as reported by South Korea media, that a legal initiative to ban drug-related artists from appearing in broadcasting company shows would be discussed. He stated that KBS, MBC, and other similar companies would “discuss and implement plans that can be popularized.”

South Korean people have been angered by a series of drug-related artists, including Liu Yaren, Li Shanjun, and Kwon Chi lung, who have reportedly had significant social influence.

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