Officially launched on October 27th, five reasons to start finding N3

When the OPPO Find N3 was officially launched on October 27th, many individuals within the business community were very pleased with its new device. It not only had new dimensions but also made significant changes in multi-dimensional experience and quality. What are the advantages of using this device?

The appearance of the product is characterized by its lighter weight and potential for commercial gain.

OPPO Find N3’s outer screen measures 6.3 inches while the inner screen is 7.8 inches, which is similar to the design used in industry standards. However, the size does increase as it reaches a maximum body thickness of 11.7mm folded and 5.8mm unfolded, with weight also guaranteeing progressively better feel and higher lightness at the lightest level of 239g.

The material’s upgrade to Dimension 2 has resulted in a much longer life, surpassing industry standards.

The durability of large foldable screens should not be subjected to any kind of scrutiny, starting with Find N3. OPPO has implemented multi-dimensional improvements in their technology, such as the use of super ceramic crystal glass in screen glass.

National Security Level 2 Chip+Collection Edition VIP Mode is available in Dimension 3- Security.

Our latest mobile device, OPPO Find N3, has been designed to be more user-friendly and provide a safer computer environment for the business community. We have included specialized security features such as ‘VIP mode’ and corresponding buttons on the top-facing phones that enable us to disable privacy functions like camera, microphone, and location services with one simple click.

More Efficient Business Ecology with Ultra Vision Panoramic Virtual Screen is the focus of the Dimension 4-System.

The first choice for the business community is OPPO Find N3, which prioritizes efficiency and has achieved success with its “file opening” feature.

The primary objective is to enhance the efficiency of the large screen in multitasking mode. OPPO Find N3 introduces a “super view panoramic virtual screen” multi tasking feature, which can achieve the same experience as running three applications at once. This feature allows for quick switching between windows and other apps without any impact on normal use.

Flagship Image Level+Hassou Portrait Shooting, Dimension 5.

The trend of making large folding pieces thin and light is inevitable, but it is crucial to maintain the flagship imaging ability in terms of lightness. The OPPO Find N3 has managed to balance this balance by incorporating a full main camera solution (super light shadow folding pixel wide angle+super photosensitivity periscope telephoto) and LYTIA image sensor with double-layer transistor Pixel technology, as well as not compromising thickness either.

By meticulously revising the Look N3, OPPO ensures that its product will be more suitable for business users. This includes major changes to its appearance, hinges, safety, imaging, and system, making it a versatile product ideal for everyday office use.

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