New information reveals how actress Jeon Hye Jin gave up her acting career to support her husband Lee Sun Gyun

Following allegations of drug use against Lee Sun Gyun, his wife Jeon Hye Jin has been the center of attention. She is now receiving recognition for putting off her own successful career to support her husband’s full-time acting career after losing her first two weeks on the show ‘Healing Camp’.

Jeon Hye Jin discussed her experience of being cast in the shadows of her husband. She explained that she is an actress, but people don’t recognize her on the streets and she has to deal with household chores due to their family feud. Additionally, she mentioned how it can be frustrating when she pretends to play male-dominated roles, which only makes matters worse.

After getting married, Jeon Hye Jin redirected her career to support her husband’s acting endeavors and took time off to care for their children. However, as the children matured, she began to focus more on her acting career. Unfortunately, the drug scandal surrounding Lee Sun Gyun is now causing a stir because it seems unlikely that this will contribute to her success in the industry.

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