Kian84 collapses mid-race but pushes through to finish the 42km (26 mile) Marathon after receiving inspiration

In the latest episode of ‘I Live Alone,’ Kian84 ran a 42.195 km (26 mile) marathon to demonstrate his strength and stamina.

Kian84 took on the challenge of running a full marathon in 5 hours, with no designated time limit. He stated in the October 27 episode of the MBC entertainment show, “I just thought I should finish even if I had to crawl to the finish line.”

After two months of marathon training, Kian84 didn’t experience any problems until he started to slow down about 1 hour and 18 minutes. He admitted, “I started off feeling like something had gone wrong at the 21.5 km (13 mile) point.”

“I initially thought I would drink a lot of water because of my excessive sweating, but now I’m feeling terrible. When my stomach pains subside, I consume more water, and yet my body continues to experience discomfort.”

Kian84 stated that he would collapse during practice and start swimming at the 20 km mark. “It was halfway through, so I decided it would be better for me to run a half course.”

Shortly before the half-way point, Kian84 collapsed.

Kian84 persisted and eventually completed the race after taking a break to rest and receiving assistance from the marathon pacemakers. He persevered through the pain and finished with ease.

Kian84 stated that he would have quit running the marathon had it not been for the pacemakers accompanying him.

He collapsed again at the 30 km mark, explaining: ‘I felt completely depleted of energy from my ankles and thought I had started to feel absolutely exhausted.’ He then got up and began running – eventually getting between two runners who were connected by a string.

I saw my grandpa running and thought, “He’s blind, right?”

I saw that and it made me kind of emotional. I’m always so quick to give up.’ He added: ‘I probably would have given up taking the taxi home but when I did see this blind man, I knew it was going to be a tough time.

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