K-netizens react to the shocking news of a stalker following BTS’s V and handing him a marriage certificate

According to reports, a woman in her thirties was apprehended by police on October 27 for stalking BTS member V. The incident took place on the evening of October 26 at around 6:30 PM KST. It was reported that the accused stalker followed V into an elevator at his residential building with the intention of giving him if he wanted to give him some marriage certificates. There are suggestions that she had been waiting outside the premises, patiently waiting for V’s vehicle. When it arrived, she reportedly followed after

V shared a consoling message on Weverse, saying, “Hey, I’m all good.” He also uploaded stuttering photos of himself looking at the sunset, demonstrating that he was unfazed by the incident and kept his cool. On his Instagram page, V could be seen sharing precious and playful memories from his ‘Layover’ performance, signifying that everything is going well.

The news was met with surprise from Netizens, who expressed their dismay and wonder how the woman could have pulled a weapon during an elevator incident.

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