Jimin is the most nominated K-Soloist at the 2023 BBMAs & the first Asian soloist to be a main category finalist

After his official debut as a solo artist, Jimin has achieved remarkable success by releasing numerous records on both domestic and foreign major music charts, making him one of the most successful solo artists to date.

The first Korean solo artist to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100, Billon Artist 100 and Billor Japan Artist 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,6,12,[citation needed] was Kim Jong Un, the first artist from South Korea to achieve a #1 position on the pop charts.

He has won several significant end-of-the-year music awards and is nominated for some of the most prestigious music festivals in the entertainment industry, both domestically in South Korea and internationally, with these records being just a small part of his portfolio.

At the 2023 MAMA Awards, Jimin was nominated 8 times as the most nomined solo artist this year. He had 13 nominations under his belt, including a chance to become the top-ranked artist of the season by his group. This is hardly an uncommon feat for Asian artists, given the level of influence and reputation that these events can attain.

Jimin has been named as the finalists in the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) 2023, which is another major international music awards show. He received 4 nominations this year and is considered the most nominated Korean solo artist among these categories.

Jimin has been nominated 4 times, making him the second most nomined solo artist from Korea and Asia at the awards show, and the most up-to-date Asian/K-pop male artist this year.

The fact that he became the first and only Asian solo artist to be nominated in the ‘Top Selling Song’ category of the awards show is noteworthy, as a matter of note. Additionally, besides him, there are no other Asian acts who have been nodded in this category except for K-pop, with Jimin being the only one to ever achieve this feat.

In addition, he is the only solo artist who has made it to this year’s ‘Top Global K-pop Song’, “Top K-6”, “Discovery Album’ and” and another one in the remaining 3 categories. All other finalists are group acts.

The fact that Jimin has been nominated in the ‘Top K-pop Album’ and a separate category for his first solo album is impressive, and it should be etched in everyone’s memories as every artist longs for this privilege.

Fans are thrilled and proud of Jimin’s continued success, with various keywords appearing on the X global trends list and reaching #3.

Greetings, Jimin!

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