Jessi reveals she bought her parents a house as she sits down with ‘Look Me Up’ to verify information about her on the web

Jessi exhibited her genuine personality and confirmed whether the reports of her appearing in public online were true or false.

On October 27, Jessi was a member of the YouTube program ‘Look Me Up’ and searched for herself on the internet.

“Jessi’ s parents have a travel agency in Fort Lee, New Jersey,” she stated. “It’s over now. My family used to do it at home.

Jessi’s video showcased her joy in buying a house for her parents after their business was launched. She explained that she wanted to give them happiness, but the purchase was motivated by financial gain and personal commitment.

While browsing her Korean Wiki site NamuWiki, she disclosed that she had been a part of More Vision, an agency founded by Jay Park. She had initially tried to start her own business after leaving P Nation but was approached by him because she enjoyed challenges and wanted to work with someone new.

Jessi also admitted to informing the world that she had breast surgery by accident – saying she accidentally said it during an exchange.

She shared her experiences of being “cute” before the surgery, despite being bullied for being overweight and having lost weight during summer vacation. She also revealed that she didn’t undergo much plastic surgery after losing 10 pounds.

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