Director David Yates confirms that the “Wonderful Animals” series has been shelved

The negative response to “Fantasy Animal 3” has raised concerns among fans about the series’ future, as per media reports on the 27th. Following the release of the third film, the show has remained quiet for an year and a half. David Yates, who directed the three “FAscinating Animals” films, confirmed that the franchise has been put on hold by Warner and has no development work done up to the Christmas break. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic about continued success.

Yates, who is promoting “Painful Liar,” has recently shared with Complete Film that they are proud of The Magic Animal, which was previously postponed. He believes that when it becomes popular worldwide, we should take a moment to relax and enjoy the experience.

The current perception of the series was addressed by Yates, who revealed that “Fantasy Animal” will have five parts and that Rowling had already disclosed this during a media appearance.

Yates’ statement has not been acknowledged by Warner and Rowling.

Three movies have been released at the moment. ‘Where Are the Wonderful Animals’ earned $811 million globally in 2016, while “Fantastic Animal 2: The Crime of Greenwood” earned $648 million in 2018.

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