Check out the preview of J.Y. Park’s “Golden Girls” featuring four legendary Korean artists in their 60s performing NewJeans “Hype Boy” and other popular girl group tracks

J.Y. Park’s latest “Golden Girls” album provided a captivating glimpse into the talents of four celebrated veteran artists who have successfully reinvented modern girl group hits.

It’s been a week since J.Y. Park attempted to hire members for his latest project, which is to create another legendary girl group. The preview trailer for ‘Golden Girls’ features him meeting with park Mi Kyung, Shin Hyo Bum, Lee Eun Mi, and Insooni, who are all accomplished artists in their respective fields.

At first, it appeared almost impossible to get these four star-studded singers aboard because they were all too busy being part of a group of older women.

The four singers expressed their agreement to an audition process and were given two weeks to prepare a K-pop song that they would re-interprete, as seen in the latest preview.

The footage’s response conveys a powerful message about the artists’ performances. J.Y. Park was amazed by the skilled artistry on display, surpassing even the original versions.

Check out the preview of the impressive audition below.

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