BamBam has a funny reaction to Jessi suggesting him to freeze his sperm in the latest episode of ‘Bam House’

During the latest episode of ‘Bam House’, BamBa and Jessi engaged in a friendly discussion about their future.

During the new episode that premiered on October 27, Jessi went to BamBam’s house to promote her latest single, “Gum,” and spent time with him discussing various subjects. The two stars had a comfortable conversation, which was full of laughter.

Jessi was taken aback by the growth of BamBam upon sitting down. She also mentioned how she enjoys watching talk shows without scripting, where they discuss unscripted conversations that are never on show.

The pair discussed their future on the last episode of the talk show.

According to BamBam, he wanted to ask Jessi a question she had never asked before. He responded by saying, “I think you heard about marriage.” Jeses admitted that they talked about getting married and having children, but also mentioned her need for escorts.

BamBam was unsure of his next move when Jessi inquired, “Do you think freezing your lower body is the solution?”

BamBam was perplexed when Jessi explained, “I’m finding that my egg consumption has decreased as I get older, so I’ll be storing it in advance.”

Despite Jessi’s advice to freeze her own balls, BamBam expressed disbelief and asked if she could do it herself.

Jessi, who turns 35 in December, expressed her struggle to explain the process but also mentioned her desire to have a baby in two years through in vitro fertilization. She shared that freezing her eggs is necessary when she doesn’t meet someone she likes, similar to Sayuri.

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