ZEROBASEONE release dreamlike new individual photos for ‘Melting Point’

ZEROBASEONE has mastered your ‘Melting Point’ as they continue their journey towards their first return since their debut!

A new collection of individual teaser photos for the band’s 2nd mini album, titled ‘Melting Point’, was released on October 27 KST. The photos showcased intricate lighting effects, detailed close-ups, and vibrant full body shots, leaving fans in awe.

ZEROBASEONE’s new album was reportedly in high demand this week, with pre-orders reaching 1.7 million copies as of October 26 KST, which could lead to another million sales for the band’upcoming hit ‘Youth In The Shade’.

‘Melting Point’ from ZEROBASEONE will be released on November 6 at 6 PM KST.

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