will be produced by James Wan

Gary Doberman and James Wan’s company Atomic Monster will produce a live action series for Disney+and, which will be filmed on October 25 in Beijing time, as reported by foreign media.

In 1994, Disney released the original animated series “Night Dragon,” which lacks a consistent light and bright tone. Instead, it is characterized by dark and bloody themes that weave together numerous medieval myths and legends. It tells the story of ‘an incredible creature with superhuman strength, sharp claws, and wings who transformed into -thin dragons at night after they had been annihilated by Japanese raiders to destroy fortifications 1,000 years ago. However, in the end, they were betraying humans used magic tricksed them as transformation transform these strong

In the new story, there will be a continuation of this setting and its central character Goliath, the last remnant of the ancient Dragon Warriors. He has been cast out of hell and freed up centuries later, but now he is determined to reveal his past secrets while defending New York City. The two are working together under the guidance of Detective Elisa Maza.

(Meng Qing)

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