Release New Poster: The Opposition between Good and Evil Behind the Light

Disney’s new animated film “Star Wish” will hit North America on November 22nd, and a new poster has been released on October 25th, Beijing time, according to reports from foreign media. The poster showcases the conflict between good and evil behind the light.

It was directed by Chris Buck (“Ice and Snow”) and Fern Villasanton (“Dragon Hunt”) while Ariana Debos acted as Asha, Chris Pine gave the King of Manifico, Alan Tudek voiced the goat Valentino in pajamas.

In the kingdom of Wish, Rosas (the land where Asha and her pet goat live in a dreamy landscape outside the Iberian Peninsula), people come from all over the world to make their wishes; Manifico is the magisterial king who promises that his consorts will fulfill your deepest desires one day, and it is up to him to decide which wishes to grant.

(Meng Qing)

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