Jaejoong sings “Mirotic” live for the first time in over a decade

Fans were thrilled to see former TVXQ member Kim Jae Joong perform his hit song “Mirotic” live at a recent online event. This track is widely considered one of the greatest hits released by TVI and has become an all-time favorite.

In 2008, the band “Mirotic” made its debut and was featured on TVXQ’s fourth studio album with the same name. The album remains the most lauded and highly regarded among their peers, with one of the title tracks standing out as one group signature.

Fans have not been able to experience this song live in person for over ten years, as three TVXQ members, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun, left the group and SM Entertainment in 2009 due to conflicts within the company. As a result, these three artists were unable to perform this popular song on stage.

So that is until now. Fans were treated to a live performance of Kim Jae Joong’s “Mirotic” on October 26 during the special guest spot on ‘Jo Hyun Ah’S Thursday Night’ on YouTube.

Upon the introduction of musical guests, Jo Hyun Ah takes charge of the piano and the guests sing as they enter the room. On this day, she started playing the melody for “Mirotic,” and Kim Jae Joong made a stunning entrance while providing vocals for the song.

Fans of TVXQ were filled with a sense of excitement and nostalgia for the rendition.

According to K-netizens, Kim Jae Joong is the only one who can sing that initial section perfectly.

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