It’s All About the Time Slips: 6 Timeslip K-Dramas to Watch

Last month, the highly anticipated “A Time Called You” series debuted with the undisclosed on-screen chemistry between Ahn Hyo Seop and Jeon Yeo Been. The series follows a bereaved woman back to 1998 who finds herself in mittens with… and heartbreak — this journey of love, loss, and human nature that resonates deeply with fans of genre fiction.

Can you provide some examples?

In the satirical drama “Reborn Rich,” an employee is killed and revived 30 years later as the youngest male successor to a conglomerate. Song Joong Ki uses his future knowledge to seek revenge on the deceased family member.

What will be the fate of high schooler Danbi, who is transported to the Joseon era after a rain shower in “Splash Splash Love,” and how does she plan to survive in this world?

A modern chef finds herself suddenly trapped in a female body, not just any female but also the Joseon-era queen. “Mr. Queen” is both hilarious and enjoyable.

How will Joo Hyuk’s life be different if he has two magic coins and his wife of the same person?

A great drama to watch is “Chicago Typewriter,” which portrays the reincarnation of three people living in Korea during the Japanese occupation and their interdependence on two completely different worlds.

In the story “Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” Hae Soo falls into a lake and is trapped in another person’s body.

What are some timeslip dramas that you enjoy, as they allow you to experience two worlds simultaneously?

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