Idols that fans want to see go into Acting

Many K-pop idols have made the switch from performing as actors to pursuing acting careers, which showcases the versatility of many performers who succeed in both musical and theatrical arenas. Notable idolaters, such as Cha Eunwoo, 2PM’s Lee Junho, and Sejeong from I.O.I., have successfully balanced their musical talents and delivered impressive performances while simultaneously competing with popular actors.


Sunghoon’s ‘Dark Blood concept trailer’ showcased his natural acting skills in a highly anticipated music video, which made him stand out among his peers.

NCT Jisung

He was a child actor before becoming NCT’s preferred maknae star, and fans are eager to see him back in the spotlight!

ATEEZ Yunho & Jonghone:.

These two actors did an outstanding job in the KBS2 drama, “Imitation,” and fans are eager to see if they can repeat their performance!

What is the name of P1Harmony Intak?

Intak’s acting skills were praised by fans in the film, which marked the debut of P1Harmony and featured cameos from notable actors like Jung Haein and Jung Yunghwa from FNC Entertainment.

A FEW Yujin

Her appearance in a few commercials has won her over the hearts of fans, who are eager to see more of her on screen!

Seventeen DK & Wonwoo.

Wonwoo has a promising musical career, but with no prior acting experience, it’s unclear whether his role would be more suitable as an actor.

BTS Jin & Suga

Despite not auditioning for acting roles, fans believe they will in the coming years and especially when they come back in 2025. Suga is expected to excel as a villainous character! He’ll have mastered that part perfectly! Previous postHollywood actress Jin was born into theater and acting but after studying drama at Konkuk University, he became an exceptional actor and performed regularly.

Sung Hanbin, the star of ZEROBASEONE.

Hanbin, who has recently expressed his desire to pursue acting, possesses the perfect big shot. Like Cha Eunwoo, both of them are known for their kind-hearted and good-looking K-Drama personas; they’re an absolute talent!

Twice is the number of Jeongyeon.

Her expressive facial features and ability to convey complex emotions make her a great actress, as fans are fond of her.

aespa Giselle

Fans are already anticipating the day when Giselle will make her debut in Hollywood, despite not being interested in K-Dramas. The idea is so exciting, considering how much it will be appreciated by fans.

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