Fans who said ‘My Mister’ was their favorite drama say they cant watch it anymore after Lee Sun Gyun’s controversy

Lee Sun Gyun’s recent drug case has caused a stir among fans of his well-known films, leading to disappointment and frustration. Many have found it hard to separate his current scandal from his iconic role in ‘My Mister’.

According to ‘A, I found it very difficult to watch a Netflix version of – My Mister.’ Another subscriber, referred to as gent, also expressed their disillusionment with the drama and stopped watching it after returning several times. Additionally, they claimed that the regular rewatches were cancelled due to the controversy surrounding Lee Fondn’s character when she was shown in an unsuitable location on television.

The drug use of Lee Sun Gyun, who gained recognition for his performance as Park Dong Hoon in the tvN drama ‘My Mister,’ has resulted in his arrest. The scandal has had repercussions that have spread beyond South Korea and beyond via various online platforms. In China, viewers who relied on illegal streaming apps and websites have expressed their desire to boycott the drama.

Kim Won Seok directed the drama, which premiered on tvN in 2018 and was a creative masterpiece. It was scripted by Park Ha Young and received praise for its well-developed characters, each with their own struggles and depth. The drama also explored emotional themes such as loneliness, hardships, and the search for meaning in life, while realistically telling the story. Additionally, the cast was highly praised for their flawless depiction of characters.

Despite being over four years old, the content has been considered one of the best in the K-drama industry. However, this renewed interest has not been without its detractors due to the controversy surrounding Lee Sun Gyun’s drug use. Viewers have responded with sadness by posting comments about how difficult it was for them to fully immerse themselves in such a controversial drama.

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