Busan Government announces plans for a task force to oversee safety during Jimin’s birthday week due to huge crowd turnouts for celebrations

Fans have named Jimin’s birthday celebrations ‘Jimtober’ to celebrate his special day on October 13 and the month of October has become a sensation in the mainstream media, with reports of all-female parties.

The ‘Magnate’ cafĂ© in Busan is a favorite spot for fans to greet Jimin’s father on his birthday and exchange gifts, with the crowd size each year growing larger. This year, the local police and fire departments were asked to implement safety measures at the crowded venues to prevent accidents. For more information, check out these reports.

The local government of Busan has announced the creation of a special task force to ensure safety during Jimin’s entire birthday week. This comes after it was revealed that the police and fire departments had already been involved in safeguarding the event.

This is a major event and highlights Jimin’s unparalleled impact on the nation, as no other idol or person has been able to do so. It also signifies the pride of the people of Busan in taking such extreme measures for him!

While fans are already aware of Jimin’s immense power due to his massive fan base, they remain incredulous upon hearing this news, and here are some of their thoughts on it.

The fans of Jimin always hold him in high esteem due to his hard work and exceptional personality, which has earned him the respect of authority.

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