“Big Dipper?” RIIZE reveals some of the group names that were being considered for their debut

RIIZE, the latest addition to SM Entertainment, has been in the public eye since their debut. They recently had a private chat with fans on Weverse Live before making their official return on October 27 at 6 PM KST.

On the live TV, RIIZE informed fans that they were presented with various group names. The members explained, “We had two team names, AND ONE or RIPE, and there was a strange one…Big Dipper ().”

Members laughed and explained that the constellation The Big Dipper was made up of seven individuals, including themselves.

‘Big Dipper’ was the most amusing of the different names, which surprised many Korean netizens. They joined an online community to share their opinions and engaged in a lively discussion about the unchosen group names.

During their time on an online community, they shared that “RIIZE was the top pick,” “What’s ‘Big Dipper’?” “Lol, what were the names?”

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