Amazon operates a new film produced by Emily Bronte and is expected to star in it

According to foreign media reports, Amazon MGM Pictures has launched an unnamed film on October 25th, which focuses on Kate Vaughn, the story of America’s first female private detective. Zomi Hilla is responsible for this project and Emily Bronte is potentially involved in it, although the actors’ union strike is still ongoing and will not be officially announced until after the strike ends.

The production included Stonehenge Johnson and other actors, while Melissa Stark () wrote the latest draft of the script, which was provided by Justin Nash ().

The movie is characterized as a motivational action thriller that centers on Vaughn, reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes. As the first female detective of the Pinkerton Detective Service, she played incredibly important roles in shaping the legal profession and changing the landscape for women in law enforcement. She oversaw dozens of major cases, including one related to an assassination attempt against former US President Abraham Lincoln.

(Meng Qing)

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