Zhang Ziyi took action to defend her ex husband, who did not have 3.5 billion yuan in property, and denied that the reason for the divorce was due to Wang Feng’s gambling

Despite the official divorce taking place only one day, Zhang Ziyi stood up for her ex-husband Wang Feng! She has undoubtedly loved them deeply! – Introduction.

Divorce is announced by Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi.

Wang Feng and his ex-wife

Outsiders’ perspectives suggest that Zhang Ziyi has already started to protect her ex-husband, Wang Feng.

The mainland entertainment industry’s fame and fortune market is where former couples, who are both top celebrities, did not openly disassociate during their divorce, which is already the most prestigious honor.

Zhang Ziyi dispatched studio staff to privately write to media outlets that published controversial information about Wang Feng. She preserved the reputation and honor of her former spouse, and could potentially grant her the title of “the most comprehensive ex-spouse” for internal amusement.

The official divorce of Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng has led to the rise of various online news sources.

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