Why you should watch ‘My Dearest’: An honest review of the captivating Korean Drama

As “My Dearest” becomes a fixture in the dynamic world of Korean drama, it emerges as eloquently impressive work by fans worldwide who eagerly anticipate its next episode. This historical melodrama, with its gripping plot and exceptional acting, has been nothing short of resounding sensationalism. As the series nears its end, the viewing public’s collective anticipation has peaked, accompanied by the bittersweet realization that there are only six episodes left to complete the show.

The central figure in this intriguing drama is Yoo Gil-chae, played by Ahn Eun-Jin, who was born into a family of nobility and with the world at her feet. She has been living her life with great courage, using her charm to manipulate the men of Neunggun-ri while developing romantic feelings for Nam Yeon-jun (Lee Hak-joo).

The sudden appearance of Lee Jang-hyun (Namkoong Min), a mysterious nobleman with an unrevealed past, transforms her world. They encounter unexpected love and events unfold despite the 1630s Qing Dynasty invasion.

The peaceful days of Neunggun-ri are quickly replaced by the arduous battles of war as the Qing dynasty invades Joseon, causing havoc in the villages. Yeon-jun joins them as civilians struggle to survive against Jang-hyun’s invasion, while their servants Gil-chae and Eun-ae must endure trials for survival.

The distinguishing feature of “My Dearest” is that unlike most period dramas, this series does not follow the formula of a romantic saga with an unfailing happy ending. Instead, it delves into character development and cultivates ecstasy for each character. It manages to balance the “will-they-won’t-you” dynamic between Gil-chae and Jang-hyun without overwhelming the audience.

Additionally, “My Dearest” showcases the inhumane circumstances of the people of Joseon, revealing their weakness and peril. Although initially unaccountable, Jang-hyun exhibits his intelligence and skill with swords, while the fight scenes exude an impressive level of martial skill. The series’ characters have a genuine charm that keeps the audience hooked, and the “will-they-won’t-ihnen” dynamic between Gil-chae and other elements of this storyline has remained constant.

“My Dearest” is a work of art, with Ahn Eun-Jin and Namkoong Min playing leading roles. Their chemistry is impressive, as they both convey intense emotions without using words. These two actors are truly gifted in their performances, and their eyes and expressions reflect their true selves.

The lead actors are not the only ones who excel; the entire cast also delivers outstanding performances. The writing is flawless, and Kim Sung-Yong’s direction is near-perfect. His mastery of timing, attention to detail, a deep sense of empathy for the characters is unparalleled throughout the series. However, the cameos of ‘Hangout With Yoo’ cast members may be the sole minor setback in despite an excellent script.

The series’ poignancy is heightened by the use of music and the original soundtrack of “My Dearest”, which add to the emotional impact of each scene. The carefully selected tracks and their timing make every moment extra special.

The final episode of “My Dearest” has left fans across the globe feeling a misty mix of excitement and sadness. Each episode offers readers an incredible storyline, thanks to an impeccable cast and brilliant direction. The drama has already made its mark on history, leaving viewers eager for more than just suspense.

The audience is eagerly anticipating the next six episodes of “My Dearest,” as it has set a high bar for its genre, leaving fans to marvel at every moment.

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