Wang Feng and his ex-wives Qi Dan and Kang Zuoru’s rare sweet photo exposed: Kneeling to propose and watching a music festival together

Engage in a conversation with Qi Dan on Sweet Moments of Wang Feng and His Ex Wives, and Participate in the Kang Zuo Ru Chase Music Festival.

Anning is the author of this article.

The ex-partners of Wang Feng and his former partners.

Zhang Ziyi’s intimate supporters believe that she utilized an adult male (Wang Feng) to free herself from the control of her original family.

Her spirit was anchored by the child and family during her most difficult time, providing her with emotional value and a safe haven.

In the interview, Zhang Ziyi disclosed that her and her family were aided by Wang Feng in completing the property cutting.

Prior to this, you should have known that Zhang Ziyi’s agent was her brother – the same person who claimed to have caused damage at her sister’ wedding venue.

I find it difficult to keep people from thinking too hard. Do you have any reservations about my sister’s marriage to a divorced man who has children, or do you feel guilty for the financial burden surrounding you and deny it?

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