The second season of the Pirate King series continues its adventure journey in operation

Foreign media reports indicate that the second season of the Netflix “Pirate King” live action drama series is set to begin on October 25th, Beijing time. The screenwriters will release their studio photos and continue to “share their adventures”.

Season one of the drama will premiere at the end of August, and a second season will be renewed six weeks after.

The story of Luffy, a young man who sets out to become the “Pirate King”, is based on the work of Eiichiro Oda. Inaki Godoi, Shinzo Shinoda, Emily Ladd, Jacob Romero Gibson, and Taz Skyla star as Luddy. Netflix and Tomorrow Studios are producing the drama version.

A youth manga by Eiichiro Oda, authored by Japanese manga artist Eidgin, has been serialized in the magazines “Wikipedia of Japan,” Weekly Youth Jump, and various other publications. Since its debut in 1997, Pirate King has held the number 1 position on the manga magazine’s popularity chart, with 103 single volumes published since then. It has also been translated and distributed in over 30 countries outside Japan, as well as derivative works like The Prison Chronicles and Beyond the Generation, Deadpool, Spiderman, Blood N

The story in the fictional “Age of the Pirates” revolves around Munch D. Luffy’s quest to obtain “ONE PIECE” and become the “Pirate King,” with the goal of traveling across the world to explore the vast expanse of ocean life.

The inspiration of the pirate “red haired” Jack inspired Munch D. Luffy, who aspired to become the “pirate king,” and at the age of 17, he set out to explore the world of exploration with Roroya Zoro, navigator Naomi, sniper Lieb, and chef Vince Mok Sanzhi. Together, they formed the Straw Hat Pirates and ventured into the great water to reach Rogge Town.

Throughout the story, there are multiple characters from different forces, such as the Pirates, Navy, Revolutionary Army, and World Government, alongside their primary Straw Hat counterparts. The characters in this production are named after various pirates from around the world, with some being famous ones from their past. In character design, elements of their prototype characters are also adopted.

The worldview stage of this work is overseen by franchise countries and the international organization “World Government”. However, during the “Age of the Great Pirates” period, infamous for its execution by “Pirate King” Louis D. Roger, the pirates expanded their influence globally and engaged in direct combat with navies under the world government. This task is dependent on the countries on land, and some islands only have villages and towns. Most major countries join the World Government Alliance and help navy to crack down on pirated ships.

In terms of lifestyle, science, and technology, they primarily draw from the “Golden Age” of real-life piratery (17th to 18th century), but there are still significant differences due to the unique settings inherent in the works.

Captain Munch D. Luffy and his associates established the Straw Hat Pirates, but they did not pillage the public (mainly from pirate groups with unidentified owners or other members). They encounter issues and incidents on various islands, and after conquering the hostile one, they persist in their attacks to the next. Although most of the enemies are pirates themselves, some pirate ally groups will collaborate with the world government or directly belong to them, leading to confrontational conflicts.

(Meng Qing)

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