The five celebrities who should have been “expelled” from the military for their greed and extortion of money to wear kimonos, each losing face

There are many stars in the entertainment industry who were once soldiers but later chose to pursue acting. This dual identity of an actor with a strong sense of duty is often overlooked by his fans, and some actions that reinforce his military image have even called for the removal of their military status and the purification of military honor.

During his youth, Cai Guoqing was confronted with significant decisions regarding his career as a military singer. He had the chance to pursue higher education in Finland but ultimately decided to become ‘a first class solo actor’ for the Asian Games in China during the closing ceremony. This sudden shift in image has caused controversy and questions have been asked of him about which option is more important — money or national honor?

Liu Xiaoqing’s age and identity differences, which do not match the characters in the drama, have caused controversy. However, the early tax evasion scandal has also become more concerning. She was once a highly respected actress, but was tempted by money to elude taxes by over 14 million yuan, leading to widespread attention. This incident highlights the responsibility of public figures, particularly those with military status who should adhere to moral principles.

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