Season 2 Release Trailer Focusing on Famous Surgeons

Foreign media reports have revealed that the second season of “Doctor of Death” with Edgar Ramirez and Mandy Moore will premiere on December 21st, following the release of a lead trailer on October 25th at Beijing time.

The current season is based on the third installment of the Wondery podcast, which highlights the work of Paul Machiarini, an Italian thoracic surgeon and former regenerative medicine researcher, who has conducted research on fraud and manipulation.

Machiarini is renowned for pioneering the use of patient’s own stem cells as biological and synthetic scaffolds in tracheal transplantation. He is also facing allegations of performing unethical experimental surgery that resulted in the death of seven out of eight patients who received his synthetic trachomatoxone treatment.

After being executive produced by Patrick McManus, the first season’s production team was led by screenwriter Ashley Michel Hoban. The first and fourth episodes were directed by Jennifer Morrison and Laura Belsey, with additional cast members including Luke Kirby, Ashley Mandeville, Gustav Hamaston, and others.

This is a plot summary: Machiarini, the charming surgeon who earned the nickname “Miracle Man”, began to separate from his true self when she asked for eponymous reporting. The relationship between her and Paul became intense as she worked alongside investigative journalist Benita Alexander until it was revealed that Paul had more to learn about him than just himself. Meanwhile, doctors across the globe made some incredible discoveries that left Paul feeling like he hadn’t yet lived to see.

The first season of ‘Doctor of Death,’ which will be released in 2021, stars Christopher Dunch, a neurosurgeon who helped 33 patients become disabled. It features performances by Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater, Carrie Preston, Dominic Burgess, and more.

(Meng Qing)

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