SBS’s ‘Unanswered Questions’ begins investigation into Lee Sun Gyun’s drug case

The actor Lee Sun Gyun was recently charged with drug admixture, and SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” program has launched an investigation. Their Instagram page announced that they are seeking information from people who have knowledge of the drug distribution situation in the “VIP membership room salon” in Gangnam, South Korea.

On October 23, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit reported that Lee Sun Gyun had been charged with marijuana and other drug-related offenses under the Drug Control Act. The police also arrested manager A (29, female) of the adult entertainment establishment on charges of narcotics control law violations and booked another female employee in her 20s who worked at the same establishment.

The case was made public when Lee Sun Gyun revealed to the prosecution that he and another person had made threats related to his drug case and demanded hundreds of millions of KRW, totaling an estimated 350 million KrW (258,841 USD). Furthermore, it has been reported that Lee Son’s drug charge is associated with Hwang Hana, former trainee and singer Han Seo Hee, and composer Jung Dae Eun, all of whom are being investigated by the police.

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