Release Official Trailer: Dreamy Vacation Becomes Nightmare

Foreign media reports have revealed that the Netflix thriller “Away from the World” featuring Julia Roberts, Mahshara Ali, Ethan Hawke, Mihara Herod, and Kevin Becken has been released on October 25th, Beijing time. The movie showcases a lavish lineup and opulent art style. Shared memories of their magical vacations have turned into nightmares; trust between cast members has crumbled.

Sam Esmel, the lead author of “The Hacker Legion”, adapted from Rumaan Alam’s book of the same name. The film is about exploring the intersection of parental identity, race, and class, as well as unexpected new relationships that arise in moments of crisis. It was released on December 8th.

Hawk and Roberts act as the husband and wife, while Ali and Herod act both as father and daughter. The story follows a couple who flew to New York for ‘a quiet holiday’ with their children, only to be abruptly removed by the landlord of their short-term rental property, who returned due to an unprecedented power outage in the city.

The suburbs are now without access to any internet, television, radio, or telephone services, and their communication with the outside world has been disrupted. Additionally, there have been strange earthquakes in the area and mysterious migrations of animals. The separation and various oddities caused the physical health and mental state of the two families to crumble.

There are families of white supremacy residing as tenants, and there are also households of black supreme who serve as landlords. The differences in race and class between the two groups gradually become more dominant, leading them to overlook the more hazardous situations that are occurring.

(Meng Qing)

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