Oscar Isaac stars in “Dante’s Hand” and collaborates with Galgado

“Dante’s Hand,” a crime thriller, was announced by foreign media on October 25th, with Julian Schnabel as the director. The film features actors such as Oscar Isaac, Gail Gardo, Jason Moma, Gerard Butler, Isaac and Martin Scorsese, and others. It has received supplementary permission from the American Actors Guild and is currently being filmed in Italy.

The novel of the same name by Nick Tozies is about Dante and his representative work “Divine Comedy”, set in contemporary New York, where the original manuscript comes into possession by a black market smuggling gang. Out of sheer frustration, Nick (Isaac) is called upon to make an educated guess that was true or false before he was forced to steal the manuscript to escape the mafia and embark on ‘a dark and bloody journey’ with him.

In time and space, Dante (Isaac) was trapped in a loveless marriage with Gemma (Gado) and fled to Sicily to write his most famous masterpiece, “Divine Comedy,” which is dedicated to his late lover Beatrice.

Despite their distinct timelines, Nick and Dante are closely intertwined – both lost in the pursuit of love, beauty, and God’s foretelling.

(Meng Qing)

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