New Drama “Chemistry Class” Releases Fragments: Wandering Military Dogs Encounter a Good Destination

“Chemistry Class” aired a segment on October 25th, where Bree Larson played the character “Dog”, as per foreign media reports. The character was originally trained as’military dogs with bomb detection equipment’ and had to be brave, proactive, and fierce. It was an extremely intelligent dog that was afraid of loud noises and thinking about things too, so it quietly left the scene when it met Elizabeth in the drama.

Apple TV+ has already shown the first season of the drama, which stars Lewis Pullman, Aya Naomi King (), Stephanie Koenig (previously from Sky Sports Network), Patrick Walker (one episode), Thomas Man (three episodes), Kevin Susman (two episodes) and Bo Bridges (experienced).

The story of Elizabeth Zotte (Larson) who aspired to become scologist in the early 1960s is inspired by her novel, which was adapted from the best-selling novel by author, science editor, and advertising writer Bonnie Garmus. She works in chemistry alongside scientist Calvin Evans (Pullman), but her aspirations were repressed during that time when society believed women were only considered members of the family and not professionals.

After discovering she was pregnant, had no partner and expelled from the lab, Elizabeth turned to a television cooking show host for an unconventional career opportunity. She then began teaching other homemakers and men in her native country many recipes that were not related to her true passion for science.

Alongside Larson, Jason Bateman, and Michael Costigan, Susanna Grant served as an executive producer and acted as a screenwriter.

(Meng Qing)

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