Marvel spin off drama “Agatha” renamed as the Evil Witch story continues

The new series logo of “Agatha,” a spin off drama from “Wanda Phantom,” has been revealed by foreign media on October 25th, which corresponds to the new subtitle “Darkhold Diaries”.

The drama’s first episode is scheduled for autumn 2015, featuring Agatha, a well-known witch from Wanda Vision. Catherine Hahn returns to the show, along with new cast members such as Emma Caulfield, Debra Joe Lapp, and more.

Jacques Scheffer, the editor in chief of Wanda Vision, served as the screenwriter and executive producer for the film, which was directed by Rachel Goldberg and Ganga Monteiro ().

Marvel Pictures has produced an adapted TV series called Wanda Phantom, which is based on the characters of Red Witch from Marvel Comics. The show was created by Jacques Scheffer and directed by Matt Shakman, and it took place in the same world as the Marvel Film Universe series. It premiered on Disney+.

Marvel Pictures has announced the development of TV dramas for Walt Disney+, including Wanda Maximoff and Phantom, as well as other “secondary core” characters from the Marvel film universe.

The film series Wanda Phantom began airing on January 15, 2021, with one episode per week ending on March 5, making it the first of its kind in the fourth stage of the Marvel Film Universe. It is a spin-off series named “Agatha: The Witch of Chaos,” which will feature Catherine Hahn as the heroine and continue Sheffield’s work alongside Adam Arkell.

Wanda Maximoff, a “Red Witch” and Phantom from Indiana Jones Lives Have Special Powers, live in Westview, New Jersey, with their superpowers hidden for three weeks after the “Pinfinger Incident” in “Avengers 4: Final Battle.” However, they were soon to feel as though things were not going according to plan as they had initially thought.

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