Lance Moss’ new filmwill be released next year, with multiple acquaintances collaborating again

Foreign media reports have confirmed that director Augus Lansmos has confirmed his new film will be released next year, on October 25th at Beijing time. The film, according to Robbie Ryan, photography director, is composed of three independent stories, with each actor playing a different role in each story.

The photographer for Les Mois’ film “Poor Thing” is Ryan, who pointed out the stark contrast between the two styles. Both were shot during the post-production phase of the movie because of its prolonged exposure to the epidemic. Lesmois opted to shoot a new film instead and leave the visual effects behind.

The cast of Cass and Favourite, which includes Emma Stone, Jesse Primon, William Dafford, Margaret Curry, Zhou Hong, Joe Alvin, Momo Asi, Hunter Schafer, and others, shares many similarities. The script remains under the supervision of Lance Moss from his former partner Evemius Phillips, while the production team has collaborated with Searchlight Pictures, Element Pictures (from left to right), and Film4 on multiple occasions.

Poor Thing premiered at the Venice Film Festival to great reviews and was nominated for a Golden Lion; it also opened in North America on 8 December, with stars including Emma Stone, William Dafford, Mark Rufalo, Ramie Yusuf, Christopher Abbott, Margaret Curry, Susie Benba and more.

Alastair Gray’s novel, Frankenstein, is based on the story of a woman from the late Victorian era who merges realism with science fiction. Bella Baxter (Stone) is an uncontrolled, capricious and sexually explicit woman who escapes her abusive husband by drowning. The eccentric and gifted scientist Goodwin (Daphne) has substituted her own brain with that of her infecdent partner.

(Meng Qing)

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