Jo In Sung awarded Good People Artist Award at the 13th Beautiful Artist Awards

Actor Jo In Sung showcased a heartfelt and unassuming message to the public on Wednesday.

Jo In Sung was the recipient of the Good People Artist Award, a significant award presented by the Shin Young Kyun Art & Culture Foundation, during the 13th Beautiful Artist Awards ceremony held at Stage 28 in Godeok-dong, Seoul on October 24. She expressed feeling ashamed and shameless about her decision to volunteer or donate after being motivated by selfishness.

He explained: ‘I’ve got a good acting career and I’m getting loads of love, lots of money.’ Well, after all these years, the people around me have been told to stop obsessing over money because they thought it was ‘poisonous’; in fact many friends even made toys for Tom Cruise. So I started doing charity with this motivation.”

Jo In Sung expressed his appreciation, saying that the prize money may not have been ‘poison’ but he intends to continue my journey of giving back to those who need it. I am very grateful for this recognition’.

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