Hui Yinghong Praises Bao Shang’en for Her Talent, Feng Shaofeng AssistsShanghai Roadshow

Director Zhang Mo and her leading ladies Li Hongqi, Hui Yinghong, Hong Junjia, and Bao Shang’en attended a post-screening meeting in Shanghai on October 25th to discuss their creative insights and insights from the movie “Saving the Suspect.” It is worth noting that Feng Shui also made an appearance at the roadshow on the same day to urge for ‘Save the Substance’. The film is expected to be released on November 3rd.

During the defense and overturning of a death row case, Chinese female lawyer Chen Zhiqi unexpectedly learns about her involvement in an undisclosed plot.

Insists on the strength of women and authenticates maternal love, while Hui Yinghong reminds contemporary women that they are not like flowers in a greenhouse. “I hope you are rooted to the mountain, blown by strong winds and hit by rain.” She also revealed that she used crowbar techniques to gain more sympathy for older women.

During the event, Li Hongqi expressed his excitement about receiving the script, feeling as though he was manipulating him to commit acts of violence against himself. He also called for calmness, submission to the law, self-sacrifice, and protection from online violence.

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