G-Dragon’s previous erratic behavior and strange movements at the airport under scrutiny following his drug allegations

G-Dragon, who was booked without charge on suspicion of drug use, has made headlines in a video that has been broadcasted online. The Incheon Police Agency is currently investigating the situation.

G-Dragon’s appearance was somewhat peculiar. Upon leaving the car, he swayed and struggled to stand firm even after taking a few steps. He moved his body in pause at the pedestrian crossing and continued to stretch his arms, take off his beanie (black hat) and make other strange movements; according to some Netizens, it seemed like stretching wasn’t normal. As if walked through the airport, one of his hands kept motioning constantly as though it was an example.

G-Dragon repeatedly wore the beanie he sported, scratched his head vigorously, and looked uneasy while being watched by his bodyguards. He couldn’t even hold his own for any time during this activity. A comment left in response to this video caught the attention of some netizens in August.

G-Dragon’s strange head movements were a topic of discussion among Netizens, as they observed that he moved like emojis.

“Revisiting (to view the video) lol,” Netizens retorted, saying, “He’s very drugged and moving. Not even close.” “I hope there are more good things to come in 2024,” they said.

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