From “Hidden in Dust and Smoke” to “Crossing the Sea of Anger”, Looking at Zhou Xun’s Acting Skills

‘Hidden in Dust and Smoke’ was a film that successfully brought Haiqing into the film industry. The audience believed that his target audience was TV dramas like Sun Li, Qing Yi. However, they didn’t anticipate him to enter the movie industry with an almost self-destructive performance style.

Although not particularly hot, the film ‘Hidden in Dust’ has become the most realistic work of 2022 at the box office: its Douban score has stabilized at 8.4 points (the total number of people involved in scoring the movie is over 520000) and Haihalin has thoroughly established itself in cinema history.

Haiqing’s performance in the movie was so authentic that it made her appear as though she had been aging for ten years. The film depicted the characters’ disabilities, urinary leakage, and mobility issues in a way that left the audience stunned but not surprised by its physical portrayal.

Through their actions, Haiqing demonstrated the strength of actresses in the film industry, and this is exemplified by the hard work they put into it. The upcoming movie “Crossing the Sea of Anger” is another example.

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