Director Guy Ritchie’s new film has been released and collaborated with Carville Girenhall again

According to foreign media reports, Liongate has acquired the distribution rights of Guy Ritchie’s unnamed new film in the United States, starring Henry Cavell, Jack Gyllenhaal, Isa Gonzalez, Carlos Baden (Assassin’S Creed), and Fisher Stephens (War of Inheritance), which was recently finished his career in Spain.

The movie’s plot involves two rescue specialists devising an escape strategy for a senior female negotiator, and the specific sequence has not been disclosed.

“Non Gentlemen’s War”, a World War II action spy film produced by Henry Cavell, Isa Gonzalez, and Guy Ritchie, will be released next year. It features Alan Richardson, Henry Golding, Henrik Zag, Alex Pattiver, Gary Elves, Shelo Feins Tiffin, Babus Olusenmokun, Thiel Schweig in its plot to create eponymous TV series about the origins of the British Special Forces SAS. The movie is based on historical fact.

The story of France’s defeat to the Nazis in 1939, adapted from the work of former war correspondent and author Damien Lewis, is written by Guy Ritchie, Alash Amer, Paul Tamasi, and Eric Johnson. Winston Churchill declared that Britain would resist the German army’ attack and secretly created a unique military unit for combat purposes after abandoning the established gentlemanly rules of engagement.

The story of US Army Sergeant John Kinley, who was on his final mission in Afghanistan and was investigating the area with local translator Ahmed, is the focus of ‘The Covenant’, a new movie created by Jack Gyllenhaal and Guy Ritchie.

(Meng Qing)

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