BLACKPINK and One Direction are the only two groups in history to have achieved this record on France’s Official SNEP singles chart

“You & Me” by BLACKPINK Jennie was the most popular song in France and saw an impressive sales and streaming performance. The song made it to the top of the SNEP singles chart and became the highest-selling debut song by a K-Pop female soloist in 2023, alongside Lisa’s Money as the Highest Debut song for if not the first in the history of that genre.

The K-Pop female soloists’ debut songs on France’s Official SNEP singles chart are now the highest, with “MONEY” by LISA and “YOU & ME” from JENNIE both reaching #117!

‘You & Me’ by K-Pop star JENNIE made it to the top of the official French singles chart, joining LISA’s MONEY, and becoming the highest debutant for a KPoe female soloist on the French Official Singles Chart.

#BLACKPINK and #BITTAC are both currently trending songs on the French Official SNEP singles chart, with JENNIE’s #YouandMe in 2023 and LISA’S #Money in 2121 being the Highest debut song by a K-Pop female soloist, both debuted at #117.

The SNEP Top Singles Chart has only seen one song from each Kpop Solo Artist, Jennie, surpassing previous record holders such as PSY, Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook.

BLACKPINK has once again gained a significant advantage over other K-pop groups by becoming the Only Groups in history, as all of their members have appeared on the Official SNEP singles chart in France as soloists, joining the legendary “One Direction” group.

The Top Single of SNEP has featured Kpop artists who are rentrés, including PSY, ROSE, #LISA, Jimin, and Jin.

The SNEP Singles Chart has recorded the highest number of songs by K-pop female soloists.

One Direction is the only group and solo act to have made it to the Top Single of the SNEP in the French chart.

The One Direction, besides DE L’HISTOIRE, has been featured in the Top Single of SNEP in French. Click here to see more!

One Direction is the only group in history to achieve Top Single status on the SNEP, French chart, as a group and as individuals (ALL members).


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